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How to Deal with Children Who Are Picky Eaters

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How to Deal with Children Who Are Picky Eaters

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

Most parents cringe at the thought of having a picky eater in the house. That’s because they can transform mealtime into a battle ground if not carefully dealt with. Mealtime should be a pleasant experience where the family gathers to discuss their day. Allowing a picky eater to turn it into an event that centers around their eating habits disrupts your whole family. It can cause other children to become resentful that one child gets all the attention simply because they won’t eat their peas.

If you have one or more kids who tend to be picky eaters, then there are some healthy ways to deal with their issues that won’t cause a war at every meal.

Don’t Focus on What They Will NOT Eat

Try not to focus on what your child will not eat. Instead, focus on what they will eat. If they like macaroni and cheese, then praise your child for eating all their mac and cheese. Children love to get praise and encouragement. Perhaps they will decide to eat a few peas as well, simply to get that positive comment from a parent.

After eating, encourage your kids to brush or at least rinse out their mouth with a good mouthwash. This can dislodge food particles and reduce bacteria. Encourage your kids to floss as well. If they seem resistant, then ask your dentist to speak to them about this. Maybe they simply need to be shown exactly how to floss and talk about why it’s important.

Remind your kids that the better they take care of their teeth, the more likely they are to avoid things like losing a tooth too soon. Tooth whitening in Glendale can help teenagers have a beautiful smile.

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