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Ideas for New Cushions for Your Furniture

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Ideas for New Cushions for Your Furniture

If your furniture is older, you may be ready to freshen it up a bit. For those with boats and motor homes, changing out the cushions every few years is a must. Though this type of furniture is so popular with boat owners, foam cushions can get hard or break down over a period of time. What you need is new cushions to spruce things up.

Begin by deciding what cushions to replace. Make a list of each one noting the size. If it’s an odd shape, it can be helpful to draw that out on a piece of paper. Though you can find new cushions for your furniture at lots of places, it’s sometimes cheaper to do it yourself. Keep your old covering and just replace the cushion itself.

Ordering cushions online is simple these days. You can specify the exact size you need. You can also choose from many types of foam. This a great way to give your old furniture a makeover. DIY projects like this are usually easy and cost effective. It’s fun to make things yourself and some people are crafty enough to sew up new coverings for their new cushions. When you do it yourself, you can match any type of décor or certain fabric and wall colors.

If your furniture has gotten old and isn’t comfortable anymore, you can put new cushions on it to extend its life. This idea can work on a couch, a chair or a recliner. Foam cushions are not just for outdoor furniture. They’re a great idea for many applications.

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