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What to look for in a dental malpractice lawyer

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What to look for in a dental malpractice lawyer

Blog submitted by Dane Levy, Attorney of, a provider of legal services for those injured by dental malpractice in California

Are you a victim of dental injuries caused by your dentist’s carelessness or negligence? Botched dental procedures can result in permanent injuries, substantial added expenses, and decreased quality of life. To get compensation for the damages you have suffered, you may decide to file a dental malpractice lawsuit.

Dental malpractice cases are necessary to hold dental professionals to an acceptable standard of care for their profession. They can also result in high sums of money being awarded to dental malpractice victims. Because dental malpractice is a very specific area of law, having a good dental malpractice lawyer can be the difference between a dental malpractice lawsuit and wasted time and finances.

A good dental malpractice lawyer must know the ins and outs of malpractice law, including the conditions for proving dental malpractice. Knowledge of dentistry also helps, since you will have to prove that a dentist acted differently from most dental professionals in the same situation. Since malpractice cases often require the testimony of expert witnesses, it also helps for a lawyer to have many contacts in the dental field. Other important traits include a track record of proven success and the ability to communicate well and listen to clients.

In addition to his legal education, Attorney Dane Levy has attended U.S.C. School of Dentistry, resulting in a strong background of knowledge in science and dentistry. He has worked with many clients and has even won the highest verdict for a lingual nerve injury case in the United States ($2.3 million). His client testimonials describe him as supportive, knowledgeable, and compassionate when dealing with victims of dental malpractice victims. If you need a good dental malpractice attorney Los Angeles, contact Dane Levy today at

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