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What Do Multifocal Lenses Do For Your Eyes?

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What Do Multifocal Lenses Do For Your Eyes?

Summary: Multifocal contact lenses have become a popular option for those that suffer from presbyopia and other eye conditions that affect one’s overall vision.

You are probably familiar with both soft and hard contact lenses, which are two popular contact types that are sold. But, another specialized type of lens, known as multifocal lenses, benefit those that suffer from specific vision problems. Known as multifocal lenses, these specialty lenses aren’t like your average Acuvue Air Optix brand lenses, yet offer users a different type of corrective alternative.

A Brief Background

Upon the age of 40, presbyopia can make it difficult for people to focus on close objects. While reading glasses used to be the only option available for contact lenses wearers who wanted to read a novel, technological advancement has given consumers a number of multifocal options.

These specialized contact lenses allow consumers to see clearer both near and far. Now, some lenses have a bifocal design with two types of lens powers – one for distance and one for near. Others may have a specific design that matches the specifications of progressive eyeglasses that change in power from distance to close-up.

A Useful Medical Tool

Multifocal lenses are available in soft and rigid gas permeable materials. Essentially designed for daily wear or overnight wear, users have several options to choose from. These lenses can also be worn comfortably on a part-time basis making them great for outings and other occasions where they do not need to be in your eyes for a long period of time.

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