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How Common is Hearing Loss?

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How Common is Hearing Loss?

Each day we hear loud sounds from freeway traffic and car horns to airport noise. It’s easy to get so accustomed to all that noise that you don’t realize that it could be harming your hearing. One survey shows that 1 in 4 people over 60 years old have some degree of hearing loss. The reason for that is simple. The longer we live, the more we are exposed to loud noises and most of us don’t carry ear plugs around in our pockets.

Have you taken your car to the car wash lately? The sounds that a car wash make are at around 89 dB. A food blender is 88 dB, while a lawn mower is 96 dB. In order to protect your hearing, it’s important to be aware. Loud sounds come at us every day but if you must be around them on a regular basis, get yourself a good pair of ear plugs and learn to wear them. Once your ear drums are damaged, there’s no reversing it. You can get hearing aids that will help quite a bit though.

Try to be more aware and proactive when it comes to protecting your hearing. If you must use power tools for an extended time, just pop in those ear plugs. The same goes for any type of activity where there will be loud sounds from gun blasts to firecrackers.

If you’ve been having hearing problems on a regular basis, Hue Hearing Aids can help. They’re so affordable and they can improve the quality of the sounds you hear. At HueHearing, we know that hearing loss can be unsettling. Sometimes, there isn’t one perfect solution that works for everyone. That’s why we offer a full 90-day money-back guarantee. You can read HueHearing Reviews on HearingAdvisory and decide for yourself.

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