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How dental veneers can improve your smile

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How dental veneers can improve your smile

Article written by Elite Dental Group

A bright white smile is a symbol of youth and confidence. If you are self-conscious about your smile, veneers may provide you with that well-balanced smile you have been dreaming of. Porcelain veneers are not only natural they can change the shape of teeth creating a symmetrical smile. Veneers are tailor-made and therefore will take a few dental appointments.

Here is how dental veneers can improve your smile:

Improving tooth color – A person’s teeth may become discolored due to their diet, lifestyle, or medication. Although professional tooth whitening options can improve the brightness of a person’s smile, in severe cases this may not provide the brightness a patient desires. This is why dentists recommend veneers as they can hide flaws while offering a natural smile.

Improving tooth shape – If an accident has caused teeth to chip or break your smile will be less than perfect. Dental veneers can help by improving the appearance of your smile by correcting its form and texture.

Change tooth size – Teeth should be proportionate to a person’s face, lips and gums. When teeth are not proportionate a smile will look uneven. An unbalanced smile can even make a person’s face look lopsided. Veneers can increase the size of teeth to create the illusion of a balanced smile.

Space alignment – Gaps are best fixed with an orthodontist treatment however if you are not willing to put the time into braces, veneers can instantly fix minor gaps.

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